Beans from my garden

Short time ago, the runner beans from my garden were ready for the first harvest. I like it to work with the rhythm of the nature in my garden. It is meditative to see how the plants grow, some slower, some faster.


In the garden and in doing permaculture, you can learn a lot. For me it was e.g. the taste of real tomatoes, the different soils and shapes which fruits and vegetables can have.

My beans are short and long, straight and twisted, thicker and thinner. In shops you often don’t get vegetables like that. They sort i out. Not all of it is thrown away, but at least they process it so that you don’t see the „ugly“ shape anymore. The uninformed consumer now thinks all the cucumbers are long and straight and all the potatoes are round and have a weight of 50 to 100g.

But would you throw away or mash half of the vegetables in your garden? No. Vegetables you harvested from your own garden are too valuable to throw them away only because they don’t have the „right“ shape.


I prepared a delicious bean salad from my beans. No matter, what dish you prepare, fruits, herbs and vegetables from your own garden are always something special.

Having said this: Enjoy it and have a nice weekend!

What did you harvest this week and where are your plants? I would be pleased to read your comments on that 🙂

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    1. In general, it’s simple. Just take enough time and let the beans rest in a homemade sauce with olive oil, apple or balsamico vinegar…and enough summer savory!
      I’ll post the exact recipe later 🙂

      Gefällt mir

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