10.08.2017 Passion fruits


Purple balls, as big as a tangerine: I wouldn’t have known them if it wasn’t written on the packaging, that these balls are passion fruits. I’ve never eaten these fruits before. Maybe, they were once in a cocktail I ordered at a bar.

It was nothing wrong with these passion fruits. In comparison with photos from fresh passion fruits, they were just a bit dry and wrinkled. However I understand that – after the long way the passion fruits had to survive! Moreover, the pulp with the seeds tasted slightly sour and refreshing.

The fruit has its origin mainly in brazil and paraguay [1] but the ones I got were from South Africa.

Maracujas and passion fruits are not the same:

Passiflora edulis, the one I found, has littler fruits than passiflora flavicarpa, the yellow maracuja. Because it tastes more sour, it’s often used for fruit nectars [2].

The packaging of fruit nectars with „maracuja“ is the place where I see purple passion fruits! Correctly, they would have to put a picture of the yellow fruit on it.

Now, it’s time for some photos: Below you see what I did with my passion fruits. It’s simple, I just cut them in two halfs and ate them with a spoon. Look at the porridge below which was my side dish!

It is also possible to make ice cream or a cake with them 🙂

Passion fruits with porridge

[1],[2] german: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passiflora_edulis

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