Your start in conscious consumption with Zero Waste

„Modern“ people produce garbage every day. When you look at your garbage, you may ask yourself: What shall I do?You could start anywhere.

I can only recommend to analyse the waste of the last few days. Don’t forget what you buy to-go and what you throw away out of your house.

As an orientation for the start, set your focus on three main points:

1.Which products can you dispense easily?

2. Which products produce the most waste?

3. Where can you find ugly, unaesthetic garbage in your life?

My example for number 3: food to-go. I decided to avoid that and always take my time for eating.

You can start with the three questions as a navigation. Start with a room in your house (link). My start was in the kitchen respectively wih food to-go. Especially in this topic we have a lot of easily avoidable waste. Then you go zero Waste step by step with the help of this tips and articles.

What’s your purpose? Your way with Zero Waste

It is a worthwhile goal to produce less waste. If you aren’t convinced yet, watch films (media collection) or go on holiday like I did it.

„I want to produce less garbage“ is a good goal for the first weeks. But I made the practical experience that you may reach a plateau similar to sports after a certain while. A defined goal is a good premise to reach it. A good plan is adjustable and attainable.

I wrote the weekly goals on a table o motivate myself. E.g. This week, I won‘ buy any dairy products in throw-away packaging. Then I kept following this goal and set a new one for the next week. As long as all the goals became habitual.

Use a „Jour fixée“ to think about your Zero Waste progress – alone or with the people in your household: think about what you already made. About the things who worked well and about the difficulties. And what are the goal for the next week? What do we have to buy/sell?Write everything on a blackboard or in a diary!


In my house I use more blackbords to write my zero waste goals of the week on it. They are also perfect for other To-Do-lists. Text: Use alternatives for wrapping film when yo buy cheese, meat, etc.

Celebrate your success with presents: Durable, high-qualified and simply beautiful! (Link: 10 present ideas for Zero Wasters -Content follows)

What do I need to reach these goals?

For Zero Waste you don’t need a very expensive bundle of accessoires. Simple tools which replace throw-away products are enough for the beginning.

Before you buy the following products: Tidy your house or ask your granny! Do-it-yourself is also possible here!

Unfortunately I can’t provide you with my own patterns for that because I am really bad at sewing! External Links follow


1. upper right corner, other objects counterclockwise rotation

1.Baskets and cloth bags: to buy everything without paper and plastic sacs. When you buy new ones, look for biodegredable materials (e.g. 100% cotton) and for fair fabrication.

2. cloth bags with cord to close it: They are perfect for little bulk goods and also for bread.

3. cloth napkins: the same buying criteria as for cloth bags.

4. cloth handkerchief: buy more than one per person

5. reusable water bottle: Last but not least, one of the most important tools for me. It should be made from stainless steal, because it’s safe and can‘ break. Or use glass with a textile protective cover.

=> A (nearly) complete list with important accessoires for Zero Waste is here (content follows).

Accessoires assorted with themes are separately in each rubrik of Zero Waste at your home (link)& content follows.

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