Pizze takeaway – hot, tasty and without waste

In Southern France, not far away from the Italian border, you can find Pizza everywhere. It tastes great! In my apartement I already prepared a salad with fresh tomatoes from the Provence. So I want to take the Pizza home with me instead of eating it at the takeaway near the street.


Pizza-Duo: Provencal (with peppers) and Margherita

And I take the Pizza home the Zero Waste way: I use a baking tray which I brought with me instead of a throw-away pizza box. Take another baking tray with you to cover the pizza. Depending on how many pizzas you take with you, it’s a really good training on the way home. If you don’t want to strain yourself, transport the pizza with your bike if there’s enough place, go with another person or take the car.

I only made positive experience with these method of transporting the pizza: The pizza baker puts the baked pizza on the baking tray (so it is no problem to transport it). The filling stays on the pizza and the baking tray is clean again after washing it shortly.

That’s a WIN-WIN-WIN Situation: You save waste, the pizzeria saves packaging and money, together we spare the environment resources and waste.

Now I am enjoying my pizza! I like Margherita with tomato sauce, olives and garlic best, but sometimes I try other creations too, like ravioli.

How do you like your pizza and where do you eat it? I am looking forward to your comment!

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