Today the containers really spill over. The weather gets colder and colder now, so the vegetables and fruits, even cred currants, were well preserved today.

After my two weeks break of containering it’s time for the next picture which you can see above.


Some yellow leaves: a reason for supermarkets to throw this parsley away

4 honeydew melons and a bundle of baby bananas are the exotic part of my discovery. Peppers, potatoes and green beans come from Austria. But all of them were wasted in thic container.

Do you see the big bunch of parsley in the right part of the photo? It smelled like freshly picked from the garden…and it’s organic!

I washed it and cut the leaves into little pieces to freeze it straightaway. The caulis are freezed too. Everywhere in my kitchen I use parsley: For soups, salads, fish and vegetables in the spring season… The caulis spice soups and sauces.

Because I use the caulis too I didn’t have a lot of organic waste: Another step towards Zero Waste.

I am excited what I am going to find the next time…wait for my post! What’s in your container? Feel free to post it in a comment!

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