What expects you in 2018

2018 started just 18 hours ago when I wrote the first sentences of this text. In the whole world, people welcomed 2018 with firework, champagne and light shows. Many people also write New Year’s Resolutions – me too! Thus I want to present you my New Year’s Resolutions for this Year. Why? Firstly, because a New Year’s Resolution has brought Waste’s End to life. Secondly, writing down New Year’s Resolutions helps to realize them.

The idea to start up this blog was born when I wrote my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 exactly one year ago. I was still unsure about the name and the topics for quite a long time. In July 2017, when I developed my concept and decided for a name, I discovered the world of WordPress. I tried different designs, made some photos and uploaded initial texts about me and the main targets of my blog. It was not until last August when I started to publish the first posts. So far, I am really happy that I could develop my vision of Waste’s End. I learn a lot about interesting aspects of Waste’s End when I write my texts.

But the best thing about the blog is definitely that you read my texts!

The development shall continue and therefore I present you my strategies for 2018 here. The main idea of the three first points is already depicted in the first three numbers 2018 (see picture). The last number „8“ shows my target: An empty dustbin!

First and foremost it is important for me to publish many exciting, well researched posts which help you to understand and act! In the following 3 paragraphs you find 3 other goals. They should help you to get the best out of my content and to facilitate the access to information for you.

1. New Social Media Strategy

Bild 2.2

Picture 1: Social Media

I work on a more professional information strategy: The goal is to present new content on the most important Social Media Platforms. Especially Social Media channels which mainly with pictures are platforms with great potential.

=> In the next months you will find direct links to different social media pages of Waste’s End. Use the platform which is most convenient for you!


2. A calendar with all the relevant events and media publications

Bild 0.1

Picture 2: A useful calendar

On the main page I am going to install a calendar. This calender shows you relevant events and media publications concerning Zero Waste, Food Waste, Containering, Consumption and „Where waste ends up“. In the beginning, I concentrate on events in the german-speaking world, but as time goes on, I want to make the calendar an important and reliable tool for you. If possible, I’ll insert a reminder.

=> In the calender, you’ll find everything on one page. So you never miss an event or exciting TV show!

3. Clear strategy for publishing new posts

Bild 1

Picture 3: Compass rose

On my laptop, I collect all the ideas for new blog entries in a document. This document contains enough topics for more than one year of blogging! Almost every week, I have new ideas and add them. Often I write trilogies when I notice that a topic is bigger than expected. To avoid to much complexity, I want to publish the posts in an ideal order. And I’ll publish different parts of article series or trilogies in a quicker succession.

Furthermore, I add one fixed point every month: In the section „Containering“ I’ll publish from now on at the beginning of every month one photo with food that I found in the „organic waste“ at the supermarket. Then I explain how I processed the fruits, vegetables, etc. to eating. You can expect nice recipes and interesting ideas how to process „old“ fruits and vegetables. This helps you to avoid food waste in your own household.

=> Point number 3 shall give the blog a thread.

What’s more

Supplementary, I am going to change the text type and to enlarge the text. Then, I optimize the loading times and my photografic skills.

I am going to start with the implementation of these measures in february (because of 6 university examinations in February).


Which other ideas do you have? Do you write new year’s resolutions (as a blogger)? Write a comment!


Main picture: Image processing (with the help of Powerpoint)

Picture 1: Used in the main text and as a filling of number 2. Orginal has been photographed by Jason Howie, Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonahowie/8583949219/in/photolist-g5jTWF-e1HpQq-amC4jN-e5wZ3t-VMLTZk-firryD-aFy3bt-c9FLYw-auagJ4-rBoGVq-TK5oQF-qi7hrH-d41HES-7R7gx2-aucWr1-dvUxYM-7Kh7bs-nX21xv-4se7dy-6MgfTM-X7jFLC-s98dqU-edtLbX-7W2AHg-qMfqE7-qPeuX4-9gBecd-dZxNRq-9k7yPR-6cQmfH-9kaMbu-qFGDLi-9k7AF4-9kaMVf-9kaLeU-y56vX8-4KrmW2-9kaHKo-uG7sCE-9kaHPm-8az8WH-9kaL8o-bfx5Cz-cDhSG1-9kaHHs-pSeu1d-qfWL4G-7DHSAH-9kaM91-qPt3pJ)

Picture 2 Used in the main text and as a filling of number 0. Orginal has been photographed by eagle1effi, Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/eagle1effi/4013357893/in/photolist-77DvtK-dHHuG8-29KbMc-qbZhTx-pZVPsw-dHHuNn-dHNVZ5-NLCgJb-dHGnLK-qndfLg-dHNjJ7-dvmsCu-MinXJG-dHJ4n2-Te2vyT-dHGUUH-dHNVJf-9Gigzq-64pfHm-UFD9xC-9FLyLm-9q7tbf-8XKEux-bAmzaH-7H7qsh-6LLtJh-LMSB49-MGk7pb-dHGTve-V2obRh-VdgBg1-qcxRCU-dHJ5Sn-9FHCoM-qqtkbR-dHGTTH-dHNjo5-dHNjYG-aDo6WG-t5P4q-oR7jmf-4zYKVc-dHNVRh-jLCoCE-j1kfH9-9FLzxh-k1v7TU-4bJh6M-V2nUuj-5FCwJx)

Picture 3: Used in the main text and as a filling of number 2. Orginal has been photographed by Martin Fisch, Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/marfis75/5374308475/in/photolist-9bUJEX-QH7SQh-dmCA77-7aAQLf-6etpPa-ndcQQT-do3ehe-dt1tU8-dSiAdU-dSiBr9-ajSZh2-a4EdDj-jDCFQ7-4oVCWp-Q8HZU-dRyss1-8gVt1-frxSsJ-c8Kjy5-7y873U-5hMFXn-iDbbUT-drE8Ey-TzhAi5-8VTN5r-oGjnbw-meJrXV-iWxXzj-cBUwt-8fYuAp-drE8vY-mYyB2C-2fbeTZ-Cfapuo-D6RZna-dSiAMo-hHJ2Lk-CGXEg4-K4qSn-8gVk6-DtWHgU-opuGNe-oHTKXm-oKTZio-okqpJV-otry4G-6A3Z9p-5J9kfS-a38GcS-PsbmS)

Picture 4: Used in the main text and as a filling of number 2. Orginal has been photographed by Alan Levine, Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/16584744059/in/photolist-rgx9B6-cU5ko-qF3QNi-9fqTSA-9fnn9c-rxTgZt-dFRz2L-aoXxXv-bE81VD-dqdL4-97Hn4P-97Hn6K-jy2WfD-Bfax9T-bd1WTM-97HmFD-97Lu8G-bcYr6K-meCmEb-97HmUt-bd1Nbt-bd1Xtx-meCo55-bd1Y1Z-9dnVm8-bd1Acc-pedNPo-bcZhiK-bd1HFg-meAyG2-97HmPn-9H9BPB-ciioM7-aupNxx-evcWBg-c6z5G-9pnqhT-ehS773-97Lub1-rueZQk-97Lu6S-bcYreM-bcYqWc-bcYrbr-bcZhRt-9HcvEo-bcZi7p-bd1Mfr-4zu2qv-bcYqYT)



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