Spring vegetable noodles from radish

Whether long white roots or small black tubers: I often had difficulties to figure out what to do with radishes, which I often find in containers in winter or early spring. Until now I have always been quite unimaginative when it comes to preparing radishes. I only knew radish as a salad, offering a contrast to“ beer garden dishes“ such as pork knuckle, ribs or something like this.

I am therefore particularly pleased that I can show you this new great recipe. My noodles made from radish give you new possibilities for healthy, light, and winterly cuisine with regional ingredients and wonderful colours!

What is radish?


A white radish root (saved from the organic waste)

We tend to overlook wintervegetables like white radish in the colourful fruit and vegetable shelves at the supermarket and market stalls. However, the root crop is healthier than many other fruits and vegetables: An average sized radish covers your daily vitamin C requirements[1].

A distinction is made between the white summer  radish and the black-shelled winter radish[1]. But also variants with pink, red, green or purple bowls are available[1] according to source

In Central Europe, especially in Germany, radish is usually served as a salad. Then it is sharper than in the cooked state, where it subordinates itself more and more to the taste of the sauces with longer cooking time. The idea to make noodles out of radish was first presented on this Website.

Why do I make radish noodles?

Radtichnudeln are healthy, light and tasty. The advantage is that they adapt to all kinds of sauces. In addition, this dish is easily prepared: You do not have to boil the noodles in water.
Just put it briefly in a hot pan, let it steep a little and the dish is ready to serve.

Recipe radish noodles with wild garlic pesto and savoy cabbage

This recipe idea combines winter and spring flavours: wild garlic, radish and savoy cabbage give off a harmonious mixture.


Perfect for detox and Holy Thursday!

Variations: Serve the noodles with any other sauce, leave out the savoy cabbage or add another vegetable in its place!

Ingredients for 2 people:


  • 2 long radish roots or 4-5 small radish balls
  •  10 leaves savoy cabbage or other green cabbage

Wash the leaves of the savoy, remove the thick, white veins of the leaves and cut the leaves into thin strips. Now put the savoy cabbage in a pan and stew it in a little water and some salt for about 8-15 minutes. Drain water as needed.

Wash and peel the radish roots. Now you can use a spiral cutter to make vegetable noodles in any shape. I do not have a spiral cutter and therefore I use a potato peeler. With a potato peeler, you can prepare nice noodles that are slightly wider than spaghetti, but also not quite as wide as linguini. Put the finished radish noodles in the pan with the savoy cabbage and pour off or add some water if necessary.

Wild garlic pesto
100 g wild garlic
20 g walnuts
40 g olive oil/10 g walnut oil
a pinch of salt

Shred the wild garlic leaves and put them into a high performance blender (or puree them with a hand blender). Now you can add the other ingredients one by one. Season as required with a little salt.

Take 2-3 tablespoons per person or more pesto and put it on the noodles and the cabbage in the pan. The dish is now ready to serve! Tip: A small handful of dried tomatoes, cut into strips gives a nice colour contrast!

Tip: Fill remaining pesto into jam jars and cover with olive oil. So you can Keep the pesto in your fridge at least for a month.

Bon appetit and happy Easter!


[1] https://www.essen-und-trinken.de/Rettich

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