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About me

Welcome to my blog!

I am very happy that you found the way to my blog. My name is Kristina, I’m 21 years old and I write about zero waste, food waste, conscious consumption and other related topics here. What’s more: Currently, I am doing an internship in Sustainability marketing in Singapore. In my free time, I also love sports, especially water sports like diving, swimming and stand-up paddling.

Find a photo of me on the Zero Waste Austria Homepage. As my role at this association is to help you when it comes to general questions about Zero Waste, you can also contact me there, via Instagram (wastesend) or Facebook (Kristina Verena).

I first heard about Zero Waste in summer 2016. Together with some friends I had booked a trip to Greece. However, besides the blue sea and white beaches I noticed that there was an incredible amount of plastic waste. At every bend of the road I saw huge piles of garbage bags full of PET bottles, plastic bags, yoghurt cups and empty pizza boxes. The garbage stinks the whole week in the hot sun, completely undisturbed by the garbage collection. One hot morning in a suburb of Kerkyra, the capital of the island, I saw a dead dog lying near one of these garbage heaps. This was the point in time where I thought repeatedly: Was this the future I wanted for myself, the environment and future generations?


Plastic waste I found at the shore of our lake. In the future, I want children to collect stones instead of rubbsih again!

Greece is only a comparatively harmless example of many places on our planet that can no longer handle their garbage. In Austria, Germany and many touristically heavily developed areas there is hardly any garbage at the roadside. The garbage collector picks it up on time. Nevertheless: What happens to the thousands of PET water bottles, vegetable packages and yoghurt cups? At best they are sorted and recycled, at worst they are incinerated or thrown into the sea. There are better alternatives.

I drew conclusions from my experiences: I did not want to contribute to this meass anymore.

It was time for me to switch to a more sustainable life without waste!

I learned about Zero Waste on the Internet and started to change my life step by step. I exchanged milk from plastic bottles for glass bottles and paper napkins for cloth napkins. Therefore, an important part of my blog is about getting closer to a Zero Waste lifestyle.

I invite you to accompany me on this journey and to join me! Even though I have been living Zero Waste for some years now, it is still a process for me. I am always finding new ways to produce less waste. Through my work as a contact person at Zero Waste Austria and many conversations with interested people, I am aware of the difficulties that you may face at the beginning. But producing less waste is feasible for everyone.

Take your time to read articles, pursue new ideas and share them to make our Waste’s End come true!

Farbenfrohe Zero Waste Gewürze auf einem Bauernmarkt

Colourful herbs and spices at a farmers‘ market: For me, they perfectly symbolise the diversity and beauty of Zero Waste!

As conscious consumption is the basis for a waste-free life, I also include this topic in my articles. The economy builds on your and my decisions. We do not have to buy or accept goods and services that we do not want in our world, be it cheap shoes, throwaway plastic bags or cocoa from child slavery. If we do not buy it, it will disappear from the market!

Since food is a very important issue for me, I also write about food waste and containering. I have been saving food from spermarket bins for a long time now and have also dealt with food waste in more detail in my bachelor thesis.

So I want to show how stylish, cheap and varied you can recreate your lifestyle with less waste. Think of a way around old habits and redesign your consumption habits! For me, this is exactly the beauty of conscious consumption with Zero Waste.

I choose to write a blog because Zero Waste is really a pulsatile, bubbly topic. Everybody can make new experiences and create new alternative to throw-away products. With our engagement, we can augment the potential of Zero Waste every day a bit further.

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Why do I write this blog

I have always loved writing stories. Whether by hand, on the laptop, crime stories or articles, I just love writing! Today, videos, pictures and emojis are central elements in communication via internet: Not only on social media you see those elements more often. Advertising also fills us with ever new images and desires. In this blog I provide you with well-researched articles and share my tips for a more sustainable life with less waste with you. If required, I use photos to support my texts. This way, I want to inspire even more people to live a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle with my blog!

Besides, as a child I always wanted to save the world. From secret missions where I had to shut down nuclear power plants and rescue animals from experimental laboratories, to the huge party where we all celebrated that we had overcome the „environmental problems“, I had big dreams about our future. Then I got older and looked for ideas how to turn these dreams into reality. Somewhere someone has to start saving the world.

It’s time for all of us to change our mindset, redefine meaningful consumption and find a lifestyle that no longer endangers our future. Start saving the world today! It’s much more fun than doing nothing and blaming the government, industry, the super-rich or the Martians for environmental problems. In my Zero Waste time I have been able to learn so much, meet new people and work on a new, post-consumer future. Together we can put an end to the era of waste and find a new, more meaningful relationship to consumption.


A few words about the writing and the structure of this blog

As I love writing, I always had a lot of ideas for books. Sometimes it was a financial thriller, sometimes a book about palm oil, sometimes a book about all environmental problems… Through an experience during my exchange semester in Thailand I finally came up with a brilliant idea for a book that I am going to finish and this September (2020). It will be a crime novel, which has nothing to do with the core topic of this blog. Nevertheless, I would be happy if you are also a crime novel fan can hold my book in your hands or download it as soon as it is ready.

On the other hand, there are already some recommendable books about Zero Waste. I simply write this blog. In my opinion, this form of presentation is especially suitable because Zero Waste is a pulsating topic with a lot of movement and potential. There are always new ideas and developments.

In the section „New Posts“ you can find all blog articles that are currently online. At „New Posts“ you will find links to all English posts. Also use the categories and the keyword catalogue on the right side! This way you can find even more posts on topics that interest you.

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If you like/do not like it, just leave a comment below the respective article or write me. On Instagram or via contact form. I appreciate all comments: Good ones show me your thoughts and critical comments help me to improve articles and broaden my horizon.

Have fun with Waste’s End!
Kristina 🙂

P.S. English is not my maternal language. However, I decided to write this blog in english and german in order to make the contents accessible for more people. If you find any mistakes, do not hesitate to contact me!