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Money makes the world go round. But it is our money and our world. We have the choice how we want our world to be. With every shopping tour, you and I invest in the future!

What does consumption mean?

Consumption comes from Latin and means use and destroy. This ideally sums up the range of meanings of consumption. With your consumption you can use resources sensibly, but also destroy them. As part of the demand you influence supply too. Many people are not aware of these economic decisions that are as important as political ones!

The importance of all our daily decisions is therefore much greater than we thought! We are giving away a lot of freedom of choice, considering that a large part of the goods we buy every day are bought based on a habit or because they are cheap at the moment, but not in order to make a conscious choice.

How can you change this and consciously buy goods and services that are beneficial for a sustainable future and do not harm people or the environment?

Question all products/services you buy: Why do I choose this product? Where did it go through before I hold it in my hands? How can I make this path more sustainable? And what alternatives do I have?

My articles in the „Conscious Consumption“ section help you to consciously consume sustainably. Nevertheless, I am aware that this topic is very complex and that decisions here are not always easy to make. Write to me if you have further questions!