Money makes the world go round. But it is our money and our world. We have the choice how we want our world to be. With every shopping tour, you and I invest in the future!

In a latin dictionary I found the translation of the verb consumere: use and waste, consume and ruin. That’s a perfect outcut of the meanings consumption can have today.

With your own consumption, you can achieve multiple effects. Quite a lot of consumers don’t use this choice and simply buy products because they always bought it or because they are cheaper at the moment.

In business administration, you learn that there are a lot of unconcious buying decisions in everyday life. Not everybody takes his time to think about what dish detergent he should buy. Thus, consumers give away a lot of possibilities to vote!

We have a chance here to think about what we really want to buy. The following articles shall analyse our behavior in shops and shall help to think about your own decisions. What do labels and signs on products mean for us? I also analyses certain actual product phenomena, e.g. the coffee capsule.

What does organic really mean for me?