Containering (en)

In the topic Food Waste you already read that half of the world’s food is thrown away. However, that is still quite unbelievable that if you don’t see it with your own eyes.

It might sound awkward when you just read about people who do containering. I thought only crazy or poor people would get their food out of the garbage at the supermarket. Thus it is also surprising for me that I do containering since this spring.

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What will we find today?


A lot of food!

How did I start?

19:47 at a supermarket in Austria

On my way home I cross the street and see the supermarket. An interview I read recently suddenly comes to mind. It was about a man who does containering in Vienna because of his idealism. He believes that in western Austria, there is no containering scene.

Today I am going to prove this statement wrong. I go to the “organic waste” ton and just see the “waste”. I don’t have to dive, I just fish out a bunch of spring onions, green asparagus, ripe banana and a pomegranate.

The pomegranate finds the way in my yoghurt and the asparagus, cooked and mixed with an olive-oil balsamico vinaigrette, is the ideal starter for lunch. The freezed banana is for a breakfast smoothie and the spring onions spice a vegetable dish.

That was my first real contact with containering. Since this day, I do it once or twice a week, when I need new fruit and vegetables. Containering makes me reflexive. Especially in the beginning it was difficult for me to get to sleep in the night after containering. There were so many things going around in my head. That’s another reason for me to share it with you.

The world produces enough food to nourish all people on this planet at the moment. However, the shops in our “civilized” western world hrow tons of food away every day. At the same time, people in the sahel zone e.g. starve because they lack food and clean water. Even though we cannot give theme the food we have in Europe, thousands of kilometres away, directly, I feel the illegitimacy of throwing eatable food away. This feeling makes part of my motivation to go containering.

However, as long as I only do containering for myself and tell nobody, it is only an advantage for me. And that’s the third point why I want to speak about containering. The purpose of this topic is to change your mind about food. In Europe, food is quite recently a cheap, taken for granted and everywhere available throw-away-good.

We shall all value food more!

If you have the possibility, try containering yourself! You find links up this site (content follows). If you can’t go containering or need inspiration what to do with too much fruit and vegetables, just visit “What’s in my container?”.