Food Waste

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Containering/Dumpster Diving

1/3 of all produced food worldwide ends up in the garbage (FAO, 2012). Some sources even speak of one half [1]. I have no words to describe my thoughts about this incredible fact – I have seen often enough how much food waste is created every day not only in the western world.

Organic zucchini, wholemeal bread, pineapple and mango from the garbage can, warm Indian curry with rice and freshly roasted shrimps from the hotel kitchen are only small examples of the food is thrown away every day.


04.08.2017 – found in the „organic garbage“ bin

Why should you think about food waste?

Think of a potato. The farmer puts it into his field, the potato plant grows, it gets water, fertilizer and sometimes the farmer even puts poisonous pesticides on it. The potato plants need plenty of land. Then the farmer harvests the potatoes, washes them. Sometimes they even get packed and transported to the supermarket. Nearly half of the crop won’t arrive there. Too small, too big, too „ugly“ – thrown away. Consumers in their households also dump their part into the garbage.

The potato is only an example: Every food experiences such a history, some foods have a longer one, others a shorter. How much energy, resources, fields and money are wasted on all the foods thrown away! Animal products use up even more than plantbased ones do.

Now this all sounds rather gloomy. However, it is particularly easy to act against food waste! In your household, when shopping and in restaurants. You can learn a lot – and save even more money!

As an Austrian, you can save an average of € 400 per household if you avoid food waste. How to do that? The articles in the category „Food Waste“provide you with easy to implement suggestions.

Click also on the keyword „recipes“! Here you will find concepts and recipes that are often embedded in articles and help you to reduce food waste!

Why concepts? They differ from recipes in that the ingredients are not fixed. They are rather modular systems that allow you to use what you have at home. One example is my concept for fried rice.