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Zero Waste

Your start: Your Zero Waste Life

Top 10: Your personal advantages living Zero Waste Part I

Top 10: Personal advantages living Zero Waste Part II


Zero Waste Shopping

Zero Waste drinking water: Everywhere, any time.

Shopping on the farmers market

Zero Waste without Zero Waste store: +10 super easy alternatives for everyone

Zero Waste without Zero Waste store: Surprising Alternatives you never thought about!

Zero Waste at the supermarket  – How to do it!


Zero Waste holiday

Drinking water during a journey part II – my experience

Drinking water without plastic bottles during your journey

Zero Waste in Thailand: Your packing list and my experience


Zero Waste Food

Zero Waste eating and drinking on the go with only 6 utensils

Take-away pizza without waste

Christmas Cookies – my 3 favorite zero waste recipes

No straw, please!


Food Waste and Containering


10.08.2017 Passion fruits

Interview with Agon from Project Nightfall: My video about Food Waste


Recipes and ideas

Sugar melons/grapes/limes






Conscious Consumption



What does organic really mean for me?

The top 5 organic trends 2018 – BIOFACH Nuremberg


Exotic foods series: Bananas and rice

Bananas Part I – What is the banana? Life cycle and dimensions of waste

Bananas Part II – Cultivation and labels

Bananas Part III – Don’t go bananas. Go for 0 kg/min!

Rice part I: Botanics/varieties/cultivation

Rice part II: Why should you buy organic? With extra Info about GMO

Rice part III: Social sustainability and food waste


My thoughts about our system transformation

Vote! I

How to: Vote every day! II

Top 10: How does containering transform you? Experiencing food wastage

How does containering transform you? – Part II



8 last minute Christmas gifts

Beans from my garden


Media & Events

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