Do not go bananas. Go for 0 kg/ min! – Part III Bananas

German version: Vision 0kg/min – Teil III Bananen + 5 leckere Rezeptideen

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During this trilogy we passed the hot climate of Latin America, cold middle Europe; pesticides, organic agriculture, plastic bags and food waste.

The last 2 articles (Part I and Part II) covered a large spectrum. What else do I have to say? (mehr …)

Bananas part II – cultivation and labelling

That’s the bitter secret of the sweet bananas that may lay in your shopping basket at the moment.

In bananas part I you can read why I write an own article series about bananas, what exactly is a banana and how bananas are „used“. Here I introduce – a bit late – part II of the text series about this amazing fruit. (mehr …)

Vision 0kg/Minute – Bananen Teil III

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Vom heißen Klima Mittelamerikas bis ins kühle Mitteleuropa, von Pestiziden, Bioanbau, Plastiksäcken und „Biomüllcontainern“ haben die letzten beiden Artikel (Teil I und II) ein breites Themenspektrum rund um die Bananane abgedeckt. Mich hat es beeindruckt, wie aufwändig der Bananenanbau ist, was für einen weiten Weg Bananen zurücklegen und wie viele Bananen schließlich hier im Müll landen: (mehr …)

288 kg/min – Bananas part 1

Business as usual: In september I found a lot of different fruits and vegetables in the waste of supermarkets. However it’s much more exciting to see what I didn’t find: Look at the picture in the lower left corner. There are no bananas! And that’s an exception. Bananas are the kind of fruit which is littered most frequently.
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