What’s in the container today?

In this part of my blog I take you with me to let you participate in Containering! Every month I show you what I found in the container of one single supermarket and what I do in my kitchen with this „organic waste“.

I go to the containers at least once a week to stock up on fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I also take bread, cakes or other bakery products with me.

It is exciting for me to see how the content of the containers changes, depending on the season. Under these paragraphs you can see all my posts, assorted with the datum.

Some additional information concerning this posts…

My recipes are only suggestions for you: You do not need to imitate them exactly. They’ll also taste nice with similar ingredients! For example, when you do not have sugar melons at home, try it with honey melons. Just use the ingredients that you have at home at the moment and that you would waste otherwise.

The ingredients which are most important for my recipes are usually the ones that I found in the container. However, I also use „purchased“ ingredients for my plates e.g. olive oil or spices because I cannot find them in the container.

My recipes are usually without fish or meat and largely plant-based. Nevertheless, I am not a vegan. But in the container, I only find vegetable food. Cooking more vegan and vegetarian dishes really enriches my nutrition and I often discover new kinds of fruits, vegetables and legumes.

I save a lot of food from being wasted, as you can see on the pictures below. Therefore I usually cannot show you all the plates I cooked with them but I select the most interesting and simple ones.

When I go containering it is usually dark and thus I sometimes take vegetables home with me that are not edible anymore. For example it is really difficult to see whether an avocado is still edible or not unless you open it! But I strive to eat all the fruits and vegetables I take home with me. When something turns out to be inedible, I compost it.

Why should you read these posts?

The posts of this category help you to find simple and creative recipes for many different kinds of fruits, vegetables and bakery products. Thereby you avoid food waste while enjoying delicious meals!



#02: Sugar melon sweet n’sour

#02: Kartoffelpüree provencal

If you also do co

ntainering, just write a comment and show us the picture of your saved food! I am always pleased to read comments. What do you find and how do you prepare it for eating?

My saved food:


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